Прийменники з рiзними частинами мови

В англійській мові є досить велика кількість прийменників, які вживаються з дієсловами, іменниками та прикметниками, і просто потрібно запамятати, який прийменник, де і коли вживається. Нижче наводиться додаток в якому ви можете знайти найчастіше вживані дієслова, іменники і прикметники з прийменниками.
Дієслово to be + прикметник + прийменник (BE + Adjective + Preposition)
To be sorry about smth, BUT: sorry for doing smth, sorry for smb
To be angry/annoyed about smth, BUT: with smb for doing smth
To be excited/upset/worried about smb/smth
To be good at/bad/hopeless at smth
To be surprised/shocked/amazed at/by smb/smth
To be famous for smth
To be responsible for smth
To be interested in smth
To be afraid/frightened/scared of smb/smth
To be aware of
To be proud of
To be fond of (=like)
To be short of (not enough)
To be jealous/envious of
To be jealous/envious of
To be jealous/envious of
To be crowded with
To be popular with
To be disappointed/pleased/satisfied/delighted with smth
To be bored/fed up with
Іменник з прийменником (Noun + Preposition)
a need/demand for smth
a reason for smth
a cause of smth
a picture/phote of smb/smth
an invitation to (dinner/a party)
an answer/a key/a solution to smth
attitude to/towards smb/smth
a relationship/contact with smb/smth
a relationship/connection/difference between (two things)
Прийменник з іменником (Preposition + Noun)
speak/be on the phone
a book/film/story/painting by R.Kipling
do by mistake/chance/accident
in my opinion, BUT: to my mind
be/fall in love with smb
be/go on a diet
on television/the radio
on holiday/business/an excursion/a trip/a tour, BUT: go for a holiday
pay by cheque/in cash
a place (town/city) on a river/a lake/the sea
swim in the river/lake/sea
by the sea/a river (position)
have for dinner/breakfast/lunch
in the north/south (of)
Дієслово з прийменником (Verb + Preposition)
complain about smth, BUT: complain to smb
think about smb/smth (=consider/concentrate on), BUT: think of smb/smth (= remember/have an idea)
care about smb/smth (думати, що хтось або щось важливі), BUT: care for smb/smth (доглядати когось, за чимось)
aim at
laugh/shout at
look at smb/smth, BUT: look for (seek); look after (take care of)
ask (smb) for smth
leave (a place) for (another place)
search for smb/smth
wait for smb/smth
blame for
borrow from
run into smb (=meet)
crash/drive into smth
accuse of
die of (an illness)
dream of
consist of smth
take care of smb/smth (=look after)
concentrate on
congratulate on
depend on
live on (money/food)
rely on smb/smth
belong to smb
explain (smth) to smb
invite to (a party)
speak/talk to smb
write to smb
Без прийменника вживаються: enter a room; marry smb; discuss smth; phone smb